hardcorr.dominant_period(lag, acf, min=None, max=None, fwhm=18, window=56, plot=False, quiet=False, n_peaks=1, return_amplitude=False)[source] [edit on github]

Find the dominant period in the smoothed autocorrelation function.

If no dominant period is found, raise NoPeakWarning and return numpy.nan


Time lags


Autocorrelation function

minfloat (optional)

Return dominant period greater than min. Default is no limit.

maxfloat (optional)

Return dominant period less than max. Default is no limit.

fwhmfloat (optional)

Full-width at half max [lags] of the gaussian smoothing kernel. Default is 18 lags, as in McQuillan, Aigrain & Mazeh (2013) [1]

windowfloat (optional)

Truncate the gaussian smoothing kernel after window lags. Default is 56 lags, as in McQuillan, Aigrain & Mazeh (2013) [1]

plotbool (optional)

Plot the autocorrelation function, peak detected. Default is False.

quietbool (optional)

Don’t raise warning if no period is found. Default is False.

n_peaksint (optional)

Number of peaks in the ACF to return, default is one.

return_amplitudebool (optional)

Return the amplitude of the ACF at the peaks if True.